Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Supporting Artists

Today I just spent $14 on Little Dragon's Ritual Union and Median's The Sender... and I legitimately fell good about doing that.

You see, I'm the kind of person who's unfortunately hypocritical about how I spend my money. I'll whine and moan about having to spend a few dollar's on something I actually need (like socks or laundry detergent), but will see no problem in using my last six bucks for a large value meal and wonder why I'm almost 300lbs.

This was different, though. When I decided to spend my money on these albums, I felt good. I didn't feel like my money was going to two guys whose best work happened when they were beefing with Nas and were still that goofy kid who made beats but could rap. I still come back to Median's Relief on occasion, and Little Dragon's music just sounds cool. That's what I want from my albums: less buyer's remorse and more satisfaction. I want more of that.

Cash Rules Everything Around Me.

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