Saturday, May 29, 2010

Girls on the Mic

I miss Lauren Hill. I'm not the first person to lament about L Boogie, and I won't be the last. But like it or not, she one of the three female emcees mentioned most often when bloggers and writers talk about the lack of Y chromosomes in Hip Hop.

Scratch that; the lack of Y chromosomes in MAINSTREAM Hip Hop.

There are female emcees out there who are making great music. Unfortunately, Lil Wayne is backing Nicki Minaj.

Yeah, Invincible and Jean Grae aren't gonna get airplay outside college radio as long as every chick in the club wants to be a Barbie.

I guess I could say something possitive about Rocky Rivera or something, but it's been said. I'm just tired of hearing the same deep voices on the radio, I guess.

Come back, Ms. Hill.

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